What winners wear.

Thank you for your interest in Team Sure Win sports uniforms. You have come to the right place because we are not just a print shop, nor just a tailoring shop. We are designers and engineers of quality sports uniforms. Our drive is to provide athletic apparels that are comfortable, beautiful and functional, which makes the wearer perform better.

Technology Driven

All the fabrics we use are designed with performance in mind. We have a wide range of sports fabric and colors for you to choose from. We only use lightweight, moisture wicking, comfortable fabrics that will make you perform better.

You also want to look good winning, that is why you have the option to choose from our printing technologies:

  • Tackle twill. Artwork is a collage of fabrics cut and sewn together. A timeless classic used by professional teams.
  • Sublimation. Digital print is right inside the fabric, used by Olympic teams.
  • Digital embroidery. Sewn by computerized machines, not by hand.
  • Laser cut films. Sharp, smooth and elegant.
  • Digimage. Digital print on films. Lightweight, flat, and durable.
  • Hybrid. Classic meets modern. A combination of sublimation, film print, and tackle twill. Digitally printed, laser cut, and sewn around to give a classic feel.

Free Design Consultation and Artwork

We will get to know more about your team, your team’s motivations, inspirations and character because we want to design you a uniform that is uniquely yours. We do all of the art work for you. From the colors, patterns, team logo, you review the design until you are satisfied. The same art work will be used in production, so what you see is what you get.


Schools, communities, group of friends, professional athletes, multinational companies, we have served them all.


Global Brand

What started out as a hobby and favor to design uniforms to friends, Team Sure Win has now become an emerging international brand. Although very new in the industry, our brand now enjoys global presence with customers and customer representatives from different parts of the world.

Global Brand

Award Winning

In the first few months of opeation, Team Sure Win has already garnered countless awards and recognitions. Here are just a few:

  • Best in Uniform in Pinoy IT Basketball League for West Uno All Stars Basketball Team
  • Best in Uniform in Inter-Company Basketball League (ICBL) for ONG&ONG Men’s Basketball Team
  • Best in Uniform in GSA Homes Basketball League for Aztigs Women’s Basketball Team
  • Best in Uniform in Noble Life International (NLI) Basketball League for Dreamer Spikers Women’s Volleyball Team
  • Champion – Muse in Noble Life International (NLI) Basketball League for Dreamer Spikers Women’s Volleyball Team