Team Sure Win Unveils New Brand Identity

Team Sure Win is proud to unveil today its new logo, as the company prepares for The Great Reset worldwide. The redesign of the new logo is more than just for aesthetic purposes, but as a reflection of the brand’s renewed direction and rejuvinated identity.

As a sportswear brand of choice for community organized sports around the world, the company felt the brunt of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic as organized sports were held to a stand still.

During this time, the company continued to prepare for the resumption of normal life, developing in house systems that will enable the company to serve more athletes and organizations, better, faster, stronger.

Because Team Sure Win was founded by someone from the Technology Industry, we understood how the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence was going to shape our daily lives, and is therefore a big factor in the direction of the company.

The company culture among colleagues is also forward thinking, inspired by the sometimes controversial, Resource Based Economy, and is gearing towards Technological Singularity.

Team Sure Win was formerly owned by TSWS Enterprise (Philippines) and Boiling Gold Enterprise (Singapore), is now solely owned and managed by 1ANZ1 Sportswear.

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