2022 Back to (New) Normal

Looks like Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines are back to (new) normal and we can all start playing sports again. Because of the overwhelming number of leagues re-opening all at the same time, we would like to help you all reach your opening day wearing your official uniforms.

We have over 2,000 designs that are production ready for you to choose from.

Kindly choose a design, send us a your team name and logo, so we can send you back a mockup of your uniform.

Please note that because of the sudden surge in orders, we are temporarily putting on hold all custom design requests. Please choose a design from the below album instead. Thank you very much for your understanding and we are all excited to start playing again with your full sublimation printed basketball uniforms.

Please keep on coming back to this post as we add more designs for you to choose from.

18-1115 - [AS] TEAM DANNY (1)

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